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GEN data: Care needs of people in residential care

March 2020

Confidentialised dataset which provides selected information about people with a recorded Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) assessment for each year 2007–08 to 2018–19.

The data are provided in a zipped CSV file which includes the following variables:

  • Year
  • State/territory
  • Age group, sex and dementia status
  • Care need rating in Activities of daily living (ADL), Behaviour and cognition (BEH) and Complex health care (CHC)
  • Preferred language grouping.
The dataset records only the last valid ACFI assessment for people in permanent residential care on 30 June. Please note that there are fewer records for 30 June 2008 as that was the first year of ACFI's implementation.

Note: Effective 16 October 2020, the DEMSTAT variable has been removed from all CURFs for de-identification purposes.