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Australia's aged care workforce

Almost a quarter of a million people are employed as direct care providers in Australia’s aged care sector. The National Aged Care Workforce Census and Survey (NACWCS) explores how this workforce is distributed, resourced, and managed.

The NACWCS is commissioned by the Department of Health and conducted every 4 years by the National Institute of Labour Studies at Flinders University.

On this page you can explore key findings about the provision of the aged care workforce. The data come from the census of residential facilities and home care outlets carried out as part of the NACWCS.

AH = allied health professional; CCW = community care worker; EN = enrolled nurse; NP = nurse practitioner; PCA = personal care attendant; RN = registered nurse.
An interactive dashboard shows data about the number and distribution of people working in Australia’s aged care workforce, the use of temporary staff, and the reporting of skills shortages. The data are available in pdf format on GEN. The pdf can be found resources section of GEN, selecting reports and publications, and then selecting the item called The aged care workforce, 2016.
To download and print, click on the 'Download' button at the bottom right. Select 'pdf' and set the paper size to A4 and the scaling to 60%.